Human Connections

I believe human connection is a key to improving people’s well-being. Here, I will share projects around the world which are fulfilling the purpose. Here I share some projects and research which I find inspiring, harnessing the power of connections between people:



Humans of New York, photography blog with stories from New Yorkers with huge success:

Touching Strangers, a photography blog where strangers were incentivized to touch and pose for a photo:



512 Hours, Marina Abramovic’s latest work in London’s Serpentine Gallery:


Ad campaign

Coca-cola’s happiness campaign to connect people:



20 Day Stranger, an app being developed by MIT to introduce empathy by connecting strangers anonymously for 20 days:

Secret, an app to share anonymously, allowing collective subconscious from friends


On human connection and happiness:

On interacting stranger and increase in happiness:



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